Mar 282016

Is there a scanner doctor in the house? So, my nice large-format scanner has developed a quirk. As you can see, there are now lines running through the scans (most prominently through the “N” but also further off to the right). Any idea what’s causing this and what’ll fix it? Watching a scan in progress, the light bar seems to be good and uniform; but perhaps there’s something (dust?) on the scan head? I couldn’t see anything, but the light was of course pretty blinding. Opening the scanner to get at the innards seems non-trivial, but this sort of issue kinda ruins the utility of the device.

For APR Patreon patrons, in one of the forthcoming documents you will see the exactly moment when this started… one page it’s not there, the next, and all subsequent, there it is. I didn’t notice it until I’d already processed everything.


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  • mzungu

    Prob some dust got trap on the sensor bar, the Horz bar that goes up and down, take apart and blast some air over it should cure it. Or it could be a dirty calibration target. Some scanner have a white strip of at one end where the scanner do it’s white balance calibration. all this requires opening it up, all fun. Used to do flat bed scanner repair as a summer job. 🙂 and I am betting it’s the dirty calibration stipe, so it’s a easy 4 screw to open n wipe job.

    • Scottlowther

      I ran a scan and yanked the power plug partway through, stopping the sensor bar in the middle of the glass where I can get a look at it… and there appear to be specks of dust right about where the lines in the paper are. So, huzzah. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to open the damn thing to get at it (HP Officejet 7610). Been surfing the web and Youtube looking for something that says how to crack one of these things open, but so far not a hint of success. There’s a grand total of one screw that seems like it might be relevant, but it’s hardly likely to be the open one holding this thing together.

      • Siergen

        If you can’t easily take it apart, what about tipping on its side and shaking it?

        • Scottlowther

          Tried that. It’s kinda hugenormous, so my ability to give it a good shake was minimal. Didn’t work, sadly.

      • mzungu

        Sorry, never worked with this one. See if you can find a google up or buy a “Service Manual”. These muti-functional units can be a bitch to work with, but if you look up on some youtube vid of similar HP units, it’ll prob give you some idea how its put together. Or just go crazy with the screwdriver. 😀

        Shaking it out like the other guy suggested could be another option to try.

        • Scottlowther

          Huzzah! I was not able to do it right, but I was able to do it good enough. I found the screws holding the thing together; they are of the “torx” variety, and about 1/3 of them were not accessible without some substantial disassembly. But the accessible ones were just possible to get with an allen wrench, and while I wasn’t able to remove the top, I was able to pry it up just far enough to jam the canned air tube in and blast the dust off the scan bar. That seemed to fix the problem. At least for now…

  • xvdougl

    Not sure what the current state of scanner tech is but there for a while they seemed to go from amazing to crap. My company had 2 older flatbed rigs that were hands above the newer (more expensive models) particularly when it came to getting high detail from a small area like a coin. Maybe they’re awesome by now.