Mar 202016

What we’ve got here are about 200 episodes in MP3 format of 1950’s science fiction radio dramas, “Dimension X” and “X Minus One.” These aided on NBC radio from 1950-51 and 1955-58 and featured stories written by the likes of Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury. I’ve only just started listening (having caught part of one episode on the radio late last night… presumably a station broadcasting recordings, rather than a small wormhole  that’s letting radio signals from 60 years ago propagate through), and I’ve noticed the same titles popping up several times. I don’t know if those episodes are remakes  or re-runs. But hey, they’re free, so do as I did and download ’em all.

Dimension X

X Minus One


There are also these (so far I haven’t listened to any):

Dark Fantasy

This sounds a bit like the more horror-centric Twilight Zone.


And then there are these two, which seem like screamingly-1950’s sci-fi fare:

Space Patrol

Planet Man

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  • Kosh

    I met my first girlfriend in university because she heard the X Minus One opening when she was walking past my door. She loved the show and decided to knock…those were good days.

    • Scottlowther

      See, that’d be awesome. Randomly finding a sci-fi chick like that? The stuff of legend.

  • John Nowak

    Ooo, Dantro the Planet Man? I remember that the poor guy got no respect at all. He meets a space prospector, tells the space prospector that he’s an agent for the Space Government, and gets the brush off. Hilarious.

    • publiusr

      How Much For Just The Planet?

  • Nemo

    I’ve also found “Exploring Tomorrow,” 15 minute segments hosted by John Campbell himself. Sadly, he didn’t sparkle on mic the way he did on a typewriter. “2000 Plus” was another early one that had some decent eps, and a show called “Quiet, Please” sometimes did Philip Wylie style science fiction. There are some vintage BBC serials out there worth catching as well.

  • sferrin

    The Daredevil series on Netflix is another productivity killer.

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