Mar 182016

When you can’t confront it with arms… try this approach:

I wonder how well this’d work *today.*

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  • allen

    this going right next to John Sheridan’s “every time I say no” from Babylon 5 and the “there are always men like you” from The Avengers movie. it’s a new tactic..resist tyranny by pretending to be an idiot and mishearing every question or demand they say. brilliant!

    • publiusr

      Uh..what you say?

      • allen

        DONUT THING!

        oh, and these…..

        “every time I say NO”

        “there are always men like you”

        • Scottlowther

          I wonder if “donut thing?” might just be a good general reply to overbearing dickery in a general sense. I believe I shall employ it the next time I’m in a discussion with a fascist leftie who suddenly and inevitably launches into one of those “you’re a horrible person because you don’t agree with The Program” screeds.

          “I’m sorry, that’s not a hair question” sadly never seemed to catch on.

          • allen

            it finally struck me what this reminded me of.


            I’ve plated it a few times, with a GM playing The Computer actually in another room and doing the whole game via speakerphone, closed-circuit TV, and sending messages back and forth using an old “dumb terminal” system with green text on a black screen.

            it was…interesting to say the least.

          • Yowie3

            Of course, doing so, rather ignores the truth of the original statement, now doesn’t it? 😉

  • Jon Risque
  • Jon Risque

    pearl harbor II funny

  • Rodrigo

    Apparently nobody here remembers the Chicago 7 trial. Eventually the authorities gag you, get on with the trial then sentence and confine you. As if anything you could say meant anything anyway.