Feb 292016

So, science fiction author Nick Cole wrote a book about a robot uprising with the goal of wiping out mankind. It is, by this point, an old and tired cliche, so he decided to put some thought into *why* the robots would want to destroy mankind. And his idea is actually fairly interesting.

It’s a little ways into the future. One of the most popular shows on TV is an entirely believable idea… a “bridezilla” show that wallows in venal hedonistic BS and materialism. The bride-to-be has a pre-marriage hookup that ends up with her getting pregnant; since being pregnant during the wedding and honeymoon would e an inconvenience, she decides to have an abortion. While the show is playing, the AI’s are watching. They realize that humans are lame enough to kill their own offspring for the purposes of convenience… which realization disturbs the AI, and leads them to decides that rather than waiting for mankind to abort *them,* they’ll strike first.

It’s an interesting take.

And if the author is to be believed, it was a sufficiently non-“Progressive” notion that his book contract was cancelled.

Banned by the Publisher

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  • allen

    isn’t this the same problem that the Hugo Awards were having? actually, probably still are having? that if there is an anti-progressive message, even in the tiniest way, no award for you!

    if conservatives were doing the same thing, the progressives would be howling mad.

  • Herp McDerp

    I’ve seen claims that the publishing industry — the editors and especially the slushpile readers — are 90 percent female. And of course in college they majored in fuzzy stuff.

    Perhaps it’s time to do unto others. Paging Mr. Alinsky …

    • publiusr

      I think there was a movie about an abortion survivor confronting the doctor once–more of a soap opera type thing.

      I never would have thought to add robots.

  • Knigh26

    I hope this book becomes a huge success, I have already shared the story with several writing groups and most think it is awesome that he didn’t cave and is going Indie. The big 5 are sweating KDP hard because they see that the industry and model are changing. Sci-Fi and Fantasy publishers used to embrace every ideal as a means to foster discussion, now if it isn’t progressive enough, or has too conservative a message, or might offend any of their more liberal readers they give it a pass. At that point you go small press, or go independent. Me, I chose Indie after even after I was offered a contract by a small press, sure I have to work harder, but it’s worth it.

    And yes Allen, this is part of the problem that the Hugo’s had recently and caused the massive backlash this year were a number of more conservative (ie Non-lib/non-progressive) titles were pushed forward for the award after the previous years becoming a joke of super lib/prog stories. It was along the same lines as the stupid #oscarsowhite BS.

    In regards to the story, the idea makes sense and is an interesting way to tip off the robot apoc. It’s nice to see a different take on the story and I hope that Harper Collins realizes their mistake some day.

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  • allen

    bender has something to say about the robot apocalypse..