Feb 292016

Woman Carrying Child’s Severed Head Arrested in Moscow

Not just any woman, but the childs nanny; not just carrying the head around, but apparently she was the one who chopped it off in the first place; not just carrying it around silently, but apparently she was shouting – wait for it, you’ll never guess – “Allahu Ackbar.” She was wearing a hijab while doing all this. Hmm. I wonder if there might have been any warning signs in advance of all this that the family might have used to say “You know, maybe we shouldn’t hire *this* particular nanny…”

The video below, censor-blurred to obscure the childs severed head, shows Jihadi Poppins wandering around in front of a KFC shouting that she’s a terrorist and that she’ll blow herself up.

English-language Russian news coverage:

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  • xvdougl

    So she figured this was the best course of action to get into the hell of her belief without standing in line? Useless whore.

    • Anonymous

      Their religion tells them to wage jihad against the “kafir”–that’s us–“by every stratagem of war.” They take their religion seriously. And in the 21st Century, either we or they will join the dinosaurs as one of Mother Nature’s little mistakes.

      Make no mistake–this planet isn’t big enough for both our culture and theirs.

      This war–this war between Islam and the rest of the human race–has been going on for thirteen centuries. I believe that we will live to see its conclusion, one way or another.

  • publiusr