Feb 292016

Broodhollow” is a horror-based webcomic; kinda hard to describe, but on occasion, it succeeds in being creepy as hell. Last month there was this:

And this one… well, it probably won’t enhance your sense of ease:

Well done, I say.

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  • Bruce

    Good, but I also liked the UFO footage link one after the second video of where a UFO
    bombed a Taliban camp. It looked like the TR-3 pictures you always see….the one of course the
    government never talks about for obvious reasons.

    • Scottlowther

      That darn government, always not talking about things that don’t exist.

    • publiusr

      I’d love to hear footage of the weather radio computer voice–during a tornado warning, saying “praise its comings and goings–He descends from the sky upon us…”

  • Macguffin

    So whats are the chances that all the holidays in Broodhallow are a part of some old pattern, in a similar vain as Wadsworth’s door closing pattern, that keeps every thing from going to “the stars are right” mode