Feb 282016

I’ve put scans of a 1968 Popular Science article on the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne attack helicopter and a Boeing-Bell brochure on the JVX tiltrotor (which became the V-22) on the APR Patreon dropbox, in the 2016-02 folder.

The Pop Sci article featured cover art by Robert McCall. Just cuz, I tinkered with the cover art, attempting to scrape off the text and restore it to just the painting. Perhaps not a 100% success, but not too bad. The JVX is not *quite* the final V-22 design; a notable difference is the inclusion of a .50 caliber gatling gun in the nose and a rocket launcher hanging off the side the cockpit.

If interested in getting these, please consider signing up for the APR Patreon. The “Extras” are available to all $4 patrons. Quite a pile of high-rez stuff is available now.

jvx ah-56

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  • xvdougl

    As great a bird as the Apache is I wonder if the Cheyenne might have been a little bit better.

    • Scottlowther

      Cheyenne was a hell of a machine, ahead of its time. And that was a problem… it would have been blisteringly expensive, probably a hangar queen and likely easier to break than the tank-like Apache. That’s not to say that given another decade of effort and materials development that the AH-56 couldn’t have been turned into the meanest, baddest hing ever, but at the time… it was just a bit too difficult.

      With carbon fiber, kevlar and modern electronics, I have no doubt that a modern AH-56 would be a world beater.