Feb 272016

Every single issue of “IF” science fiction magazine is now online for readin’:


Pages from 1957-06_IF

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  • Egor Petrov

    Ha-ha, blocked by russian laws: http://i.imgur.com/YoihkxA.png

    • Scottlowther

      Well *that* makes no sense. What possible explanation can there be for that, especially in light of how loose Russians are with copyrighted materials? There are *many* recently published copyrighted works I’ve stumble across on Russian websites.

      • Egor Petrov

        Probability 99% that archive.org have copy of site about drugs (90%), or suicide (9%). And providers can’t block several pages, so they block entire site.
        And we should not forget about idiocy, it can be just result of confusion. Government can became in insanity sometimes and block, i dont know, for example Sherlock Holmes books located in internet, because Sherlock Holmes tried morphine and cocaine.

        • allen

          because somehow blocking people from reading it will get people to not remember that such things exist?

          government is stupid people locked in a room that think they know better about what is good for you than you do. all governments.

          there is a workaround somewhere for you Egor. we just need to find it. that’s one of the advantages people have over governments..they’re usually pretty slow to adapt to new things.

          • Egor Petrov

            Maybe this problem of any goverment, but our State Duma have unofficial name “crazy printer” because they produce crazy laws with high productivity.
            About workaround, i can use chrome compression proxy extension, or install proxy on my digital ocean vps in germany, but first way not working with archive.org and for second way i too lazy and busy.

        • Scottlowther

          It amuses me to think that the Russian government believes that if they censor discussions of drugs online, that the Russian people will suddenly lose the will to get hammered on vodka.

  • allen

    damn it I haven’t gotten through all the Aviation Week back issues yet!

  • Bob

    It’s sad to think but I imagine there are few copyright problems with publishing things like this online because all the writers and publishers are dead or out of business.

  • publiusr

    Apropos of nothing–a poem about Spock from IF magazine, pages 48-49

    Bewildered creature made of steel and leaf
    You wander through the empty hallways weeping
    and cannot name the fountain of your grief
    that yesterday lay sleeping

    Your peoples unimpassioned life is gone
    your frozen world of numbers disappears,
    and you are cast alone, soul-naked on
    a sea of human tears

    But these are still your people at your side
    By whose most ancient paths your tears began
    The pale cold hearted elf who lately died
    Today is born a man.

    ——————————————————————————–by Dorothy Jones

  • wwJames

    Please be advised that the Kindle versions of these files are defective and only display unreadable garbage. However the PDF versions are fine and they are wonderful. For some issues this is a walk down memory lane and for others it is a great chance to discover stories from a time when science fiction was about science and exploration and not about things that make the hearts of Social Justice Warriors go all a flutter.

  • Paul Black

    Well, I gave up reading SciFi for Lent.