Feb 272016

Huntington Women Charged With Fabricating UAlbany Hate Crime: Police

In  short: a trio of women at the University of Albany claimed that they were the victim of a racist attack. As a result of their claims, political protests from the usual band of rage-filled causeheads (BLM and Hillary Clinton, for example) arose. But as it turns out… well, let’s let Fark describe it:

And we would have gotten away with claiming we’re the victims of a hate crime if not for you meddling kids. And your video camera phones. And the 12 security cameras on the bus. And those at the bus stop. And 35 witnesses

Turns out the “victims” were actually the violent aggressors and have been arrested.

Clearly, “hate crimes” are nonsensical. Whether you beat the tar out of someone because that someone is gay, black, a woman, in a different gang, of a different religion, has more money than you, has less money than you, looked at you funny, called yo momma so fat her Schwartzchild radius is that of the universe, or was simply in the wrong place when you lost your marbles… you beat the tar out of someone, and should be punished the same regardless. Still: “hate crimes” are used as “sentence amplifiers.” I can only hope that these three women, if they are found guilty, will have *their* sentences bumped up accordingly. *That* would be fair, especially given that death threats have been issued against specific individuals who were falsely claimed to be the original racist attackers. Specifically, one of the womens brothers, San Diego Chargers lineman Tyreek Burwell, issued an online threat against someone he heard had attacked his sister. I don’t know who this Burwell is, but I imagine he get paid pretty well… if I were him, I’d start lawyering up, because I’d imagine that a whole bunch of attack lawyers are now descending upon the guy he threatened, offering to sue Burwell into the poorhouse.



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