Feb 232016

An early 1970’s photo of a “mockup” of the Rockwell B-1 bomber. Rather than building an expensive plywood mockup that accurately recreated the complex curves of the B-1, this one was vastly simpler… a “side view” diagram of the B-1 with a few interior details, with a “shadow” on the floor. If you look carefully, it looks like this photo has been censored… the bays fore and aft of the main landing gear have been blacked out. Presumably these showed the payload of SRAMs and/or cruise missiles. One engine and the wing pivot system are included as actual 3-D items, probably mockups. Note that this is not the final B-1 design as built… the nose contours are a bit off.

b-1 2d mockup

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  • Michel Van

    they blacked ground radar, Weapon bay and ECM package
    interesting is the Cockpit, a rescue pod like F-111 Design

  • xvdougl

    SRAM’s and ALCM’s and Grav Nukes, oh my! Now available with rotary launchers!