Feb 222016

Just brought Raedthinn home from the vet. He is, it seems, All Better… but that came at a substantial cost. In fact, two days at the vet cost more than a months work on USFP01 and USVP01 brought in. Behold:


So… time for another sale. For the next day or two or three, I’m running another Downloadable Stuff Sale. This applies to all APR’s and articles, USxPs, Air & Space Drawings & Documents, ANED01. As per usual… make your purchase using the Paypal buttons, and I’ll refund the sales difference.

Up to $50: 10% off

From $50.01 to $75: 15% off

More than $75: 20% off

UPDATE: Sale has ended as of 2/24/2016


And as always, feel free to toss something into the Tip Jar if’n yer of a mind to:

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  • BrainDrainXP

    So my wife wants me to see if there are any publications I want so that we can help the kitty out. Who am I to argue? 🙂 She also wants me to say that we’ve had the same issue with our puke monsters (I’ve been told to say our little angels) and that mixing a bit of coconut oil in their food seems to help. I do know that I haven’t stepped in a puke land mine on the way to my modelling room in some time. As always, your mileage may vary. Glad to hear the big guy is okay.

    Cheers from the Glue huffer and the rocket insurer!

    • Scottlowther

      > wife wants me to see if there are any publications I want

      You Want Them All

      > Glad to hear the big guy is okay.

      We shall see. Right now he would argue the point… he keeps coming up to me and yelling at me. He clearly wants me to do *something,* but I can’t figure out what. He’s got food, water, warmth, attention, company. Probably he just feels “funny” after having been hosed out, and he either wants me to know it r thinks I can do something about it.

  • sferrin

    Not doing bills until Friday but I’ll definitely be looking then.

  • Joe Ryan

    You might want to get your vet a better pair of glasses since he has Raedthinn classified as a domestic “SHORT”hair

    • Scottlowther

      Yeah, i noticed that. But I suppose it might be strictly accurate… he’s got longer fur, but he’s not a fluffball like a Persian. He’s “Big Boned.”

  • I’d challenge the $30.00 charge for 6 enemas. Seems like a buck per bottle was an reasonable price. Bet the cat challenged them on it too after the first one.

    • xvdougl

      So do they have some cat jig they clamp them in for that procedure or are they just doped to the point of no resistance?