Jan 302016

Yesterday dealt with some wacky science conspiracy theorizing. Todays… actually matters. Some “anti fascist” socialists in Germany decided to post this to their Facebook page (and then deleted it when someone noticed):



The caption translates to “rather sexually overactive refugees than racist Germans,” but the sign is a bit more to the point. But what these idjits seem to not understand: if they were able to wave their magic wands and vaporize German racists… the rapists they’re importing in seemingly vast numbers will only create *more* racists.

Remember come November that these people have the same basic political philosophy as Crazy Uncle Bernie.

UPDATE: it appears that the posterboard the woman is holding has been photoshopped. It originally seems to have read “Will trade racists for refugees.” The change in text is what, in the best tradition of professional journalism, is known as “fake but accurate.”

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  • Tipsyturvy

    I guess you never do a 5 second search to verify blatantly false news stories?


    • Scottlowther

      Did the socialists post the “racists for rapists” image on their Facebook page or not?

      In any event, I *did* do a search. Came up with nothing but stories that backed up the original claim. Perhaps the FSB feeds you different links?

      • tipsturvy


        Tighten that tinfoil more, I think the aliens can still hear your thoughts

        • Scottlowther

          Wait… you think aliens are listening in on people’s thoughts? You *are* a nut.

        • xvdougl

          Come on don’t be such a Pringles.

    • allen

      this is what we call “fake but accurate”. both the fake sign and the real sign say exactly the same thing, but the fake sign is more truthful than the real one.

    • sferrin

      When those idiots are dumb enough to pull that off, why would anybody consider it might not be real?

  • Herp McDerp

    Don’t worry, young lady — they’re offering a special this week! Three for the price of one!

    If you take the refugees, the rapists and the fascists come as part of the package deal!

    • publiusr

      We got their rocket men–they can keep the rapists

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    The real lesson from this, assuming it’s true, is that German women accept being raped. If it’s not true, it’s plausible. Germany probably has an institutionalized sense of guilt left over from what happened to the Jews during the Nazi era. Any identifiable group is going to get a special place. There may even be an unconscious wish to be punished today for what happened then.

    • James

      The problem is in Europe the Government is in CONTROL. The media, police, and government cover up the truth. Most of the people in charge are also leftist elites who live in communities where they don’t have to deal with the average refugee.

      • Rodrigo

        Not only in control, but bat shit nuts. Those aren’t “refugees” they’re mainly military age young men – also likely military trained and the predictable residue of European and American military adventures for “democracy” in Durka Durka land.

  • TheRequimen