Jan 302016

The English language does not have the words to adequately describe my response to the conspiracies laid out here:


It’s just… indescribable. Inexplicable.

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  • Humbug

    … this here is just … http://heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm … ah I know what this is .. pseudoscience, insanity and gestaltzerfall

    • publiusr

      Step 1.) Handcuff this retard in a Falcon launched Dragon.
      Step 2.) Land him in ISIS controlled territory.
      Step 3.) When he steps outside and says “huh, guess I was wrong” detonate the nuke placed under his seat.

  • Knigh26

    Ah the internet, giving voice to idiots who otherwise would just spend all day in their basements writing on walls and masturbating.

  • Irek7

    What’s your comment to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR4pf6pp1kQ

    • Scottlowther

      Doesn’t look like Kubrick. Doesn’t sound like Kubrick. Doesn’t look like any sort of video interview Kubrick would have ever agreed to. And there are other videos presenting outtakes from this “interview” where you can see the “interviewer” coaching “Kubrick,” who he calls Tom. It’s just some bearded old guy named Tom.


      • Irek7

        Thanks. I have not ability to validate this on the base on my knowledge and understanding of spoken English.

        • Scottlowther

          Here is a very useful rule: if someone is presenting a “world shaking” claim, chances are *really* good that they are full of shit. If you approach such things with the attitude that it is up to the person making the claim to *prove* their case, and that it is up to *them* to prove that they are not liars, you’ll find the world makes a whole lot more sense.

    • James

      Step 1: grab homeless man who looks in some vague way like the person you want them to impersonate.

      Step 2: Clean them up to make it better.

      Step 3: make terrible interview similar to blair witch project.

      Step 4: Put on internet to fuck with insane people.

  • Bruce

    There is so much up and down crap about this subject from books I’ve read and videos I’ve seen

    on the internet that with all these private organizations like Space X and others that might be

    trusted enough to build a spy satellite of some sort to actually maybe orbit the moon and actually
    see that we actually did go there by finding the space buggy and the bottom parts of the lunar

    modules and the U..S . Flag and put an

    end to this stuff along with other things like aliens on the dark side of the moon and I’m

    sure they won’t find any Nazis either….you know the movie….anyway……

  • James

    LOL my favorite is what he says at the very bottom. There is no way to slow down. LOL.

    This motherfucker would think Kerbal space program was magic.

    See this is what I mean by their world view is the key. If you can go through life believing this ignoring all logic or reasoning behind it your not going to change that by having someone show you anything. You can’t.

  • CaptainNed

    First the Time Cube goes dark, now this??

  • Nick Gaston

    On an urelated note, it turns out you can get Schizophrenia meds in a variety of delightful creme flavors, these days. Just sayin’

  • Bill H

    I tried to read this but my brain started vomiting.

  • Herp McDerp

    The gentleman certainly is fond of the letter “X,” isn’t he?

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    He’s wrong, and I found the video to prove he’s wrong:


    I didn’t start to drink alcohol in any amount until I found this kind of thing. Not even women caused me to drink in any quantity.

  • Rodrigo

    Or …………… they just published this crap to get people to click on their site.