Dec 312015

The next issue of US Space Projects will, like the previous issue, include diagrams created via 3D modelling. This time it’ll be for the North American Aviation Mars Excursion Module.



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  • Phil

    All right!

  • Mike Robel

    Well, hell Scott. This comes after I spent 5 years scratchbuilding my 1/72 scale one and buying 1/144 and 1/72 scale versions off of Shapeways. I CAN”T WAIT.

    • Scottlowther

      If I’m thinking of the same one, the Shapeways MEM appears to be well modelled. But like I guess all Shapeways products, from the photos the thing looks like it was printed at 80 grit.

      • Mike Robel

        I have three of the kits Scott. The 1/144 landed version I bough it White Polished plastic and had a very hard time finishing it. There is an orbital one that I bought in a different material and it came out better. The 1/72, by virtue of its size was easiest to finish.

        I wanted to take them apart, especially the fuel tanks on the upper stage so I could finish it better, but decided against it.

        My scratchbuilt one is slightly too big, but I really like it.

        You can see my MEMs on photobucket, here:

        • Phil

          Wow, you’ve been busy!

      • publiusr

        I think Rick Sternbach was working on a mock-up of the MEM–but all I could find on the web was this:

  • Knigh26

    Ah 5he old Mars 1 crew manual mem, love it. Will you model the mothership as well?

    • Scottlowther

      See USSP#3 for the first part. It’ll take a few issues to model the complete vehicle.