Dec 292015

Vegetarian and “Healthy” Diets Could Be More Harmful to the Environment

Carnegie Mellon Study Finds Eating Lettuce Is More Than Three Times Worse in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Eating Bacon

This study looks at things like lettuce and eggplant that require a whole lot of water and tending to grow.

Vegans and the like often talk about how raising food-critters is inefficient because they need to be fed corn and whatnot that could feed people directly. The thing that occurs to me is that they don’t *necessarily* need to eat plants that could feed humans. Sure, in feedlots cows and such get fed highly nutritious (i.e. processed) feed… but out in the west they tend to graze free-range on stuff like grass. Grass requires no effort on the part of humans to grow. No water, no planting, no fertilizing, no nothing. So at least in that case, feeding cattle costs approximately nothing, and in fact is a *better* use of the land for feeding people than growing crops would be.

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  • mzungu

    It make sense, The economic cost of an object is really the total energy/resource/envirnmental cost of the object. If you look at the price in the suppermarket. A pound of chicken can cost as little at 99¢ a pound while most veggies cost $1.59+. Vegetable are just too damn perishable, seasonal, and fragile to transport. Where transport cost accounts for the majority of energy/resource/economic cost of most food item anyway….

    You can stack frozen chicken as high as the eye can see, and it’ll be fine for a year with refrigeration, you can barely stack a head of lettuce on top of another one without crushing it and have it go bad in a few days no matter what you do.

    • TheRequimen

      Not to mention how low the calorie content is in vegetables.

      • mzungu

        I’ll have to say most vegetarian do not eat veggies for calories, so veggies is really a rather bad comparison… .but most vegetarians I know spend way more money on food than normal people, so that extra money they spend is going somewhere to fuel the burning of fossil fuel somewhere.

        Considering veggies are 95% water, it is almost as bad for the envirnment as bottle water. 😀

  • xvdougl

    Saw some bacon flavored catsup on a tourist trap on the way home almost got it but walked out with the PB&J flavored soda instead.

  • James

    “What are you doing?”
    “Eating BACON!”
    “That’s so bad for you you should eat a salad.”
    “This is for the environment! But if it makes you feel any better ill do that.”
    “Thanks that-”
    “I’ll just put Bacon on my salad!”

  • publiusr

    Whether you eat the cow–or eat like the cow—the methane has to come from somewhere.
    The greens forget all those widebeests who have been farting methane for how long now.
    Cows, bison–it’s a wash.

    Eating venison is actually the best option. You don’t chop anything down, or dig anything up. The habitat is free from encroaching crop or pasture use