Dec 172015

Creationists expanding institute to include the ‘Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History’

Oy. The same cranks and crackpots that brought the world the “Institute for Creation Research” now want to build a dubiously named “Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History” that will teach that the Earth is a grand total of 6,000 years old. Even better, they’re proposing to build a 3D planetarium, also to promote the 6,000-year nonsense, in direct contradiction to everything astronomy has discovered.

Kinda like making a laser light show to prove that coherent beams of monochromatic light are a myth.

Behold the bullshit (yes, I generally prefer to avoid such colorful metaphors in posts… but there’s really no other world for the idiot lunacy spouted here). And before you hit “play,” ask yourself this: “Are they going to ask for money? ARE THEY?!?”


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  • allen

    assuming god is subject to the same laws of time and space as we are is a bad idea. 6,000 years to god is not 6,000 years to us.

    • Scottlowther

      While on one level that’s a reasonable argument, the problem comes when you realize that it makes a complete hash of religion. The moment you assume that “years =/ years,” then *everything* comes up for definitional debate. Sure, it’s spelled “Thou shalt not murder,” but it’s pronounced “I had Jello today.” While you *think* the Holy Text is telling you “Worship God and don’t be a dick,” in actually God-ese it’s saying “purple monkey dishwasher.”

      This is the problem with the idea that “The Lord works in mysterious ways,” that while it’s wrong of *you* to whack a child molester, it’s perfectly cromulent for God to wipe out whole regions because he gets in a snit. The moment you have declared that time or morality or anything else aren’t the same for us as they are for God, you have declared that your Holy Handbook isn’t actually reliable because nothing can be assumed to mean what it says.

      A lesson for anyone writing laws and constitutions. Speak plainly, say exactly what you mean, or people will interpret whatever which way.

      • allen

        they came up with this “6,000 years” by adding up the ages of various children of adam and eve and their successors. this metric isn’t even in the bible…it’s based on the assumed lifespans of people who may or may not have existed added together. it’s a shaky foundation even if all the records and lifespans were accurate…and most of them aren’t.

        think of god as an omnipotent all-powerful doctor who. he wants a tree in a certain spot in his garden, but he’s not overly patient. so he plants the seed or the sapling, jumps in his tardis, and leaps forward 30 years. he now has a full grown tree, right where he wanted it. to him, it’s minutes. to us, it’s 30 years. that doesn’t throw out “worship god and don’t be a dick”. it just means that time for us is not the same as time for a being that can control it.

      • publiusr

        It saddens me how much money megachurchs and the like get.

        This book is creationist BS–but as a physical object–it is actually well crafted:

        “evolutionary biologist Kevin Padian has stated that people who had received copies were “just astounded at its size and production values and equally astonished at what a load of crap it is.” … the photography, while lovely, is entirely stolen.

        Good textbooks, while accurate—are boring.