Nov 302015

Raedthinn seems to have fully recovered from his dental ordeal. There are differences… his tongue now sticks out the side of his mouth and, oddly, seems to project further. But otherwise, he seems fine.

WP_20151111_034 WP_20151111_033 WP_20151112_041

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  • Derek

    I think he wants a Tuna Steak, or at the very least some Lasagna, as a consolation prize. I’m glad he’s recovered ☺

  • Chris Jones

    He looks much better, and I love the side glance in the 2nd picture. I’m convinced cats, when they’re trying to rest, can dial their consciousness to any value between 0 and 100. I see my cats “sleeping” all the time and I can see I’m being watched.

    • Scottlowther

      There was a definite “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” vibe coming off him at the time.

  • se jones

    Yer cat’s OK. Life’s good.

    After Raedthinn’s missadventure, I’m going to feel a tinge of guilt every time I see some hilarious cat bobsledding down the stairs video. I never considered that they could actually get hurt.

    • Scottlowther

      Tell me about it. Cats are usually so graceful that you forget the times when they’re klutzes. They tend to get klutzier when they panic, which was what caused Raedthinns mad dash up the basement steps (Bruce suddenly pounced on a toy on the other side of a screen door in the basement, startling Raedthinn).

      Flexible as they are, cats are distressingly fragile in many ways. But once broken, they put humans to shame in their ability to recover.

      • Herp McDerp

        Cats are usually so graceful that you forget the times when they’re klutzes.

        “I meant to do that!”

        I’m glad he’s recovered so well.

      • sferrin

        I kept finding weird bumps on my cat’s head. Couldn’t figure out what it was then I saw him tearing down the stairs one time. He’d get about 2/3rds down the staircase and dive under the railing while jumping off the staircase. I heard a *clang* as he went under the lower bar of the railing. Mystery solved. (Didn’t even slow him down. Just kept on like his head was made of concrete.)

  • Michel Van

    i love the second picture
    his look saying “what thing you holing now to my face ?”

    • Paul451

      – Mmmmm….

      – Wha…

      – I WILL CUT YOU!

  • sferrin

    Glad he’s doing better. Certainly a strange injury.