Nov 302015


BRITAIN’S boobs are getting bigger, with the “average” bust size bursting from the C-cup to a massive 34G, according to a new survey.

G? That’s… kinda big, ain’t it?

A couple options occur to me:

  1. Another journalism success story… i.e. they’re flat-out wrong.
  2. The survey, which was done by a manufacturer of “plus size” bras, was less than entirely scientific. Such as possibly only talking to their own customers.
  3. Britain has become drenched in growth hormones in recent years.
  4. Britain has gotten as fat as the American “People of WalMart” stereotype.

It found Scotland is home to the biggest breasts in the UK, where the average lady has a staggering 34HH bra size.


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  • Graham1973

    I’d say that answer 2 is correct, the British press is riddled with PR stunts disgused as legitimate research.

  • Jandanagger Laterobinson

    The “Daily Express” as a source ? Err no…

  • Paul451

    I understand why it’s the article you clicked on (bewbs), but the article you blog about?

    When this little beauty was right there on the sidebar:

    • Scottlowther

      Simple reason: a story about the increasing size and scope of mammaries is something everyone can enjoy, even if it turns out to be fiction. A story about a young girl with a mental disorder killing herself? If the kid was instead a politician, celebrity or outright evil… great! But as is… meh.

  • Bruce

    Dolly Parton is in style….if you know what I mean!

  • Michel Van

    you forgot point 5: plastic surgery