Nov 272015

Suspicious boats with decomposed bodies found drifting off Japan

In short: during October and November, at least 11 boats have been found floating off the cost of Japan with only dead folk for crew. The thinking is that these are North Korean fishing boats. What with ongoing famine, coupled with a lack of modern navigational equipment, I guess it makes sense that Nork fishermen would set out on voyages they’re simply not going to come back from, but, dayum. What’s next? Ghost pirates? Pirate ghosts?

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  • Siergen

    There goes my plan to survive the zombie apocalypse by moving to an island…

    • publiusr

      They got lost on the way to Antonio Bay–looking for Adrienne Barbeau,

  • Nick Gaston

    Jeez…it must be pretty bad when even DEAD PEOPLE are trying to escape a country!

    (I am so going to Hell…)

    • Scottlowther

      What’s odd is that they’re going to Japan. You’d think the dead folk would be heading for Chicago where they have the right to vote, so long as they vote the right way.

  • Paul451

    What’s the difference between ghost pirates and pirate ghosts?

    • Scottlowther

      One is a pirate who died and came back as a ghost. One is a ghost who decided to take up pirating.