Nov 082015

Raedthinn has suffered an injury requiring surgery tomorrow (managed to break his jaw – I think on the basement stairs – and it needs to be wired together). This has turned a “blah” Sunday into a rather dark time.

This won’t be cheap. So, if you’ve wanted to buy all the US Aerospace Projects publications, here’s your shot: all 18 Bomber Projects, all four Transport Projects, all three Spacecraft Projects, all two Launch Vehicle Projects. Normally $115, but until I say otherwise, lets say… $75. Slightly more than 1/3 off. Or if you just want to help with the Raedthinn Restoration, click on the “Tip Jar” and help till your significant other hurts you.

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UPDATE: Raedthinn is back; sale has ended.

Raedthinn, like most cats, seemed to take his damage in stride. I saw him several times this morning, looking perfectly normal and content, even though his jaw must’ve been broken; I’m guessing he must’ve bit down on something this AM while I was out getting some grub and shoved the broken bit of jaw out of place. But even so, when I came home about noon, he was laying calmly on the bed and just gave me a look like “Sup.” I saw the tooth, checked him out, promptly freaked, called the emergency vet and dashed off.

I suggested to the vet that if he could be patched up so the tooth stayed like that, Raedthinn would look the utter badass. Sadly, the tooth is still firmly attached to a bit of jaw… a bit of jaw that has busted off and need to be put back in place. It appears his lower mandible is in three distinct pieces just now. How *exactly* Raedthinn accomplished this I’ve no good idea other than late last night he went bugnuts and dashed up the basement stairs, banging into everything on the way. I don’t know if the broken jaw is a result of the mad dash, or the mad dash was a result of the broken jaw.

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  • James

    Animals seem to deal with pain farm differently from humans. Apparently pain is one of those things that still makes people go wtf when studying it.

    Wish I could help but i got laid off without notice last week.

    • Scottlowther

      > Animals seem to deal with pain farm differently from humans.

      He only started to express dismay when in the car, and at the vet clinic. And that might’ve been as much about being in the hated car and vet clinic as about the pain.

      As for cats resistance pain (or at least resistance to showing pain), the local champ remains Fingers, as related here:

      • James

        Jesus, that bad. I have seen some bad stuff. Got a cat from a grave yard she was a stray, really a kitten. She had some worms under her skin that you’ll see squirrels get from time to time here…ugh.

        And My cat….Had to drive for freaking 3hrs with him when I moved. He sat in my truck with his arms around my neck meowing like hell had come and drooling everywhere…namely my arm. Got home and had to change my shirt the entire right side was soaked.

        Of course my cat before that just looked out the window gave me a “wake me when theirs a fight, food, or women” look and went to sleep. o/

        • Brianna

          A couple of years ago, I moved from Michigan to Virginia and had to drive with the cat in the car for 10 hours. I tried to give her Benadryl (supposed to be a mild sedative with cats), but couldn’t find a way to get it into her. She meowed like crazy for 1.5 hours straight, then spent the rest of the ride just sort of huddled in her carrier in utter misery. Anyway, if I ever have to do it again I don’t care what the vet says about the more mild solution being better, I’m just getting her a damn sedative.

  • kbob42

    Bloody Hel! I threw a bit into the tip jar.

  • Michel Van

    poor devil
    i hope he will be better soon
    for moment i’m in last round of my Tax payment here
    if some money left over i spent on US Aerospace Projects publications

    other wise donation

  • Poor cat! Poor Scott!