Oct 312015

Little behind the times, but NASA released radar images of the asteroid 2015 TB145  which flew by Earth earlier today at a distance of 302,000 miles. 2015 TB145 appears to be a “dead comet,” is about 2,000 feet in diameter, and, appropriately given that today was Halloween, it appears to be somewhat skull-shaped.


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  • allen

    so we can assume it wasn’t loaded with naquadah, and this was a warning shot. the equivalent of a “no trespassing” sign for the rest of the solar system.

    • sferrin

      How sad is it that I knew what naquadah was?

    • publiusr

      Some days, it does seem as if the Universe is telling us something

      such as “spend more on space, or I’ma’ hit you!”

      The proper name needs to be Golgotha.

  • Nick P.

    Forget the volcano island, that’s what I call a supervillain base!