Oct 302015

It’s a sad story, but it has a happy ending:

German rapper who joined ISIS killed in U.S. strike, official says

Originally named Denis Cuspert before he went derpish and and referred to himself as “Deso Dogg,” and then went full-derp and changed his name to “Abu Talha Al-Almani” and started recruiting for Islamic State. But eventually this tale of increasing depravity turned around… he was in a truck that was hit by two missiles fired by a coalition aircraft.


There is of course a downside to the happy ending… those missiles were probably expensive.

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  • B-Sabre

    So he’s a rapper…that joined ISIS. Sounds like a two-fer to me.

  • R Kelly Coker

    But they used two when one would suffice!

    • publiusr

      You need robobees for this type of thing–like May Day’s butterfly weapon–but without the road and reel Grace Jones used in A View to a Kill.

      Missiles are for tanks and ammo dumps, where you can see secondaries blossom.

      Not fror infrastructure–that our tax dollars will wind up replacing for them.