Oct 302015

Two McDonnell Douglas illustrations showing versions of their “Big Gemini” logistics spacecraft, and a similar concept for an Apollo-derived 9-man logistics spacecraft (not, seemingly, named “Big Apollo,” though that would have been appropriate). Both featured enlarged capsules to transport crew up and down, with an attached propulsion/cargo module which would be jettisoned to burn up.

bigapollo biggemini

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  • publiusr
  • Paul451

    Uh, what’s the dude in the back doing?

    • Chris Jones

      The shuttle had a rear flight station for use in docking or proximity ops (it had a view to the rear and “up”). This could be something like that.

      • Paul451

        It wasn’t until after I posted that I realised the “ship’s wheel” was a actually representation of an airlock hatch.

        • publiusr

          You were right both times.

          Gilligan was at laughing at the helm with Skipper not being able to fit back into Minnow II’s airlock

  • Phil

    I know a little about Big Gemini, but I’ve never seen this enhanced Apollo spacecraft before. Thanks for posting.