Oct 292015

Daily Fail, so…

Shotguns have ‘virtually sold out’ in Austria as citizens rush to buy arms amid fears of a massive influx of migrants, dealers claim

Supposedly there are 900,000 privately owned guns in Austria; 70,000 of which have been sold – largely to women – in the last year. Claim is made that the force driving this is nervousness over the influx of “refugees” from down south.

If I understand the article correctly, rifles have essentially sold out in the Czech Republic.

This seems to be the source of info for the DMs article:

Österreicher decken sich mit Waffen ein

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  • sferrin

    That is just sad. Those politicians (I refuse to call them “leaders”) are f–king over their citizens royally.

  • Michel Van

    I Confirm that
    next is also in Germany a record numbers demands for fire arm certificate
    and in Belgium the weapon illegal market is sold out…
    while Swiss a nation with allot fire arms under population and few refugees, has close his border

    • sferrin

      The illegal weapon market is sold out? And you know this how? 😉 (Love it here in the US, where Barry has ramped up firearm production to unprecedented levels. Going to pick me up a Ruger 22 Charger after work. )

  • Irek7

    American attack on Europe is under way. All those migrants are from states that were attacked by US. Bad dictators were changed by islamic forces. So North Africa and Near East are under great pressure. I do not have any good news for Western Europe. Caliphates are its destiny?

    • Scottlowther

      > All those migrants are from states that were attacked by US

      Which alternate reality are you posting from? I’m curious about the American attack on Syria in your universe.

      • franksfurts

        And what alternate reality do you live in where you didnt hear the us government openly and publicly admitting they funded the syrian rebel groups with money and weapons to attack the syrian government with?

        • James

          ……The Syrians were already fighting and the Assad government was already killing them….

          Most of these people started fleeing when Russia got more and more involved and Germany was like “free beer!”. They don’t think anything will get better.

          So obviously the Juice is involved somewhere!

          Why do people believe Russian propaganda its like they just accept anything they are told like its part of some great world view that they base their……

          Oh yea…forgot…..America EVIL! is basically the World religion.

          Because who needs a real devil when you can make a entire nation into one!

          • Irek7

            If you do not believe Russian propaganda so why you believe American propaganda. Please read US congress report referred to killing of American ambassador in Benghazi in Libya and US involvement in transfer of Libyan weapons to Al-Khaida through Turkey – it is rather embarrassing I think.

          • James

            Oh ok please let me have the link to that. If it goes to a Russian site or some Russia heavy site like RT etc…..

          • Irek7
        • admin

          Goalpost relocation detected.

          Odd that a few machine guns in the hands of some rebels would cause Europe to be flooded with refugees… When a massive bombing campaign and invasion of Iraq *didn’t*.