Oct 242015

Darth Vader replaces Lenin statue in Odessa, Ukraine

I’m at a loss to explain why there was still a statue of Lenin in Ukraine, or why it wasn’t riddled with bulletholes or melted into a puddle of slag by way of homemade thermite, but at least the Ukrainian government has passed a law banning all public displays of Soviet symbols. Many European nations have similar laws against displaying Nazi symbols, so getting rid of the symbols of an even *worse* system makes sense.

But some Ukranians decided that a better approach than tearing down the statue of Lenin was to dress it up a bit as a Dark Lord of the Sith. It’s unclear from this article whether the additions are just plastic, or whether they are more permanent. It pleases me to think that someone took a power saw and beheaded Lenin, melting the bronze down to cast, say, Darths chestplate. I suspect, though, that this is likely just plastic bits glued over the metal.

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  • Cthell

    The BBC story i read said that the new bits are titanium alloy

    On the plus side, it’s now a wifi hotspot…

    • publiusr

      The revolution will be tweeted.

  • p1t1o

    On a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, it was explained to us that most statues were pulled down after the fall of communism, but that some were deliberately left as a monument to the past (those who forget the past are doomed etc etc.).

  • Namenlos

    It was made for election promoting of the Internet Party of Ukraine (a.k.a. Bloc of Darth Vader) and it has noting to do with Communism and Lenin personally.

    The slogan on the photo reads “Dark Ones Rules the World”. Also recently Chewbacca was arrested in Odessa.



    Almost in the same day Ukrainian Nazis from “Azov” battalion conducted a classic Fackelzug in Mariupol.

    As you can see Ukraine is a mess.


  • xvdougl

    Good thing for the Star Wars universe Lenin wasn’t running things for the empire. I think the rebellion would have been sol.

  • Bruce

    Is that supposed to be Obama on that picture with Darth Vader on the bottom? Good

    symbolism if it is…get it?…..the Ukraine is a mess…….