Oct 222015

More from the wonderful world of college campus thought policing:

UWM says ‘politically correct’ is no longer politically correct

Saying that something is “politically correct” is now designated a “microaggression.” Please adjust your Newspeak dictionaries accordingly.

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  • MrDakka
    • Scottlowther

      After quite an absence, South Park has been really nailing it lately.

  • Hexapodia

    What a surprise! The author of this policy is a self-described “queer” and a Person of Color. See http://zackfordblogs.com/2010/04/faces-for-equality-warren-scherer-the-consortium/

    It would be interesting to get statistics on the administrators who hold positions in the Diversity and Inclusion racket at America’s public universities. I’d be willing to bet that straight white males are dramatically underrepresented. Is it lawsuit time?

    • sferrin

      What color?

  • xvdougl

    Yes, once again double plus ungood to you all.

  • sferrin
  • Jon Risque

    When will sayng “N-word” become as bad as just saying what it is?

  • Rick

    complaining about microagression while committing macroaggression. Typical culture bullies.

  • xvdougl

    But the good news is apparently the phrase, “Fuck every fiber of your being” is still on the table.

  • allen

    so my catch all “oh you’re a socialist? how quaint! do you think this whole “steam power” thing will catch on, or is it just a fad?” is now a micro-aggression?

    oh, whatever will I do? /sarc