Sep 252015

A graphic showing the relative footprints of nuclear, solar and wind facilities for the same approximate power output.

Solar plants could improve substantially in efficiency, perhaps gaining two or three times as much energy per unit area. Wind, though, is probably about as efficient as it is going to get. Nukes could potentially get smaller.


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  • James


    • Scottlowther

      Well, the “we” in this case is the Brits, who are *hoping* to build the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant referenced in the graphic above. It was announced in 2010; but there’s as yet apparently no money for it. It won’t be complete until at least 2023, after initial planning for a reactor on the site began in 1980. So… around 45 years to build a reactor, due to constant legal wrangling and political trouble. I suggest that that *is* making it hard to build.

      • James

        Well when your politicians are part of the people who make money on power plants and such then your screwed.

        The Liberals make money off of the solar and wind ones and the conservatives off the coal and oil. So Nuclear power was screwed. Add to that the fact that nuclear power won’t employ thousands in mining like coal and such……kinda screwed.

  • Atomic handgrenade

    I don’t even have a snarky comment about sun gods or wind magic.This is just sad.

  • Siergen

    How about putting solar panels on the roof of the nuclear plant? Tell greens it’s just there as backup for use at night or when it’s cloudy…

  • Uxi

    Fukushima and other disasters (if not grid, cooling, etc) make you think that more preparation is necessarily… specifically shafts a mile or two deep and if control / cooling can’t be established, you just drop it into the shaft and bury it… But i’m all for nuclear energy production meeting the bulk of domestic demand.

    • Gollumatemywomprat

      Thorium reactors.

      Actually, nobody died of radiation at Fukushima. 1600 people died due to the evaculation apparently from critical care wards mainly due to an excess of caution.