Sep 092015

The next set of stuff… including diagrams being worked for the Pax Orionis Patreon. The Spacecraft diagrams have taken a *lot* longer than expected.




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  • Uxi

    What role do the smaller 10m, etc Orion hold compared to the big ones? Frigates vs Battleship analogy or something else? Also curious on specific armaments, etc. A hint plz!

    • Scottlowther

      By the time of the Great War in 1984, the USSF officially has three classes of Orion warship: Corvette, Battleship and Carrier. The classifications are a a bit hand-wavy, because even a 4,000 ton Orion battleship is still a pipsqueak compared to Naval vessels. The initial Battleships are little different from those described in the pages of APR some years back, but later versions and the Carriers have more advanced and more varied systems.

      Of course, there are other classes of Orion vessels, including logistics transports, NASA explorers and test vehicles.