Aug 302015

Say what you will about the Shuttle being a reusable payload shroud rather than a reusable launch vehicle… it was a beautiful machine.


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  • Cthell

    I still get a chuckle out of the reminders on the rear mounting points

    • publiusr

      Don’t high hook it to the fifth wheel–and no jake brakes.

  • sferrin

    I remember seeing that specific combination out at Hill AFB when it came through back in ’80 or so. They had it open to the public. Pretty cool.

  • Tango_Charlie

    That looks like it is STS-1. I base that on the tile loss on the sides of the orbiter, and the paint scheme on N905NA.

    Can you confirm Scott?

    • Scottlowther

      I can’t. No data on the photo, sadly.

    • fieldtrip

      Yes. If you look close, you’ll see a few tiles were lost during that first ferry flight.