Jul 302015

One more reason to avoid the middle east, Iran in particular:

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 154 degrees, near world record


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  • allen

    wasn’t there an iranian religious leader of some sort, that claimed that all natural disasters were punishments from god for something that nation just did?


    perhaps whatever it is the iranians just did they should..you know..STOP IT.

    • Scottlowther

      > they should..you know..STOP IT.

      Bah. Screw that. I say… ramp it up to 11. They screw around enough, Surt will continue to bless their region until the temperature hits an even 200 F. And then the system will self-regulate.

      • allen

        problem is, in their minds this stuff only fulfills their end-time prophecies. chaos, natural disasters, war, famine, death…it means the 12th imam is coming. and then paradise for shia muslims and hell for everyone else.

        I hate damn death cults. there is no way to reason with them. ever.

  • Cambias

    Pshaw. The “Heat Index” is another made-up number beloved of weathermen who want to make everything more dramatic (see “Wind Chill” for the winter version). As near as I can tell from the definition of the term, you can get a 154 Heat Index if the temperature and humidity are both in the upper nineties.

    In other words, an average August day in Houston.

  • Rick

    thanks to some rather naive negotiations, the Iranians have managed to almost guarantee that regardless of their future actions, “heat index” and high temp won’t get near 15 million degrees F. 🙁