Jul 292015

The latest in Newspeak from some of the Junior Diversity Fascists at the University of New Hampshire (note that the actual administration of the University seems to be trying to separate themselves from this):

Bias-Free Language Guide

UPDATE: It looks like those who would censor speech and thought have themselves been censored. The “Guide” has been scrubbed from the UNH website. However… the Internet Archive has it recorded for your reading and mocking pleasure.

An integral part of UNH’s mission is to continue to build an inclusive learning community, and the first step toward our goal is an awareness of any bias in our daily language. As we begin to understand bias, we explore the truths of hierarchy and oppression. When we free ourselves of bias, we are thus affirming identities that differ from our own.  When we do not affirm another person’s identity, we are characterizing an individual as “less than” or “other”. This makes them invisible, and for some, it feels like a form of violence.

This guide is meant to invite inclusive excellence in our campus community. Each step of inclusion moves us closer to a full democracy. The text was prepared for faculty, staff and students of the UNH community to encourage the full range of contributions that we offer as individuals and members of various groups. The guide presents practical revisions in our common usage that can make a difference and break barriers relating to diversity.


Micro-assault, verbal attack

Example: “Dogs smell funny” to a blind person using a guide dog.


Micro-invalidation, degrading a person’s wholeness through making false assumptions about the other’s ability, causing a sense of invalidation.

Example: “The new international student is having language challenges.”  (More appropriately, we would say that the new international student is concentrating on learning a new language.)


Glossary of Language

: people of advanced age, old people*
Problematic/Outdated: older people, elders, seniors, senior citizen

Preferred: person who lacks advantages that others have, low economic status related to a person’s education, occupation and income
Problematic: poor person, person from the ghetto

Preferred:  person of material wealth
Problematic: rich

Preferred: people of size
Problematic/Outdated: obese*, overweight people

Preferred:  U.S. citizen or Resident of the U.S.
Problematic: American
Note: North Americans often use “American” which usually, depending on the context, fails to recognize South America


… and so on in that fashion.

Note: this sort of thing does not “offend” me. Instead, I simply view it with amused contempt.

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  • sferrin

    It’s a shame there isn’t a comments section there. It would be epic.

  • John B

    “Note: this sort of thing does not “offend” me. Instead, I simply view it with amused contempt.”

    “Oh I used to be disgusted
    and now I try to be amused.”
    Elvis Costello

    • Rick

      it’s all nothing to be bent outta shape about until it becomes common and accepted, then the law of the land. Like roaches. See one, you gotta go full chemical warfare because there’s a lot more hidden.

      Ridicule the stupid ideas before they’re taken seriously and gain inertia and mindshare. kids can’t stand things that are ridiculed.

  • allen

    the proper reply is…. “how about a micro-I-don’t-give-a-frak-what-you-think? because it will turn into a MACRO if you keep this fascist BS up for much longer”

    I have a book titled “Nazi-Deutsch/Nazi German : an English lexicon of the language of the Third Reich” that is full of examples that look just like this…instead of this word, use this word. shape the language, shape the thought, control not only what people think, but HOW they think about it. it’s the roots of thought control.

    • Brianna

      Of course, these people would no doubt call the Nazis evil and recoil in horror from the idea that they are like them.

      • allen

        yet, they continue to become that which they say they are against. it’s either epic levels of irony, or a classic example of you can’t fight human nature.

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    I just clicked on the link, and it says “Page not found.” Searching for “bias-free language” at the university website “yielded no results.”

  • Rick

    doubleplus ungood!

  • Bibidiboop

    The intent itself isn’t so bad, but the means are so far off it is galling. If anything, thinking in the way the guide wants is damaging.

    The guide states a desire to help people communicate without bias, that’s great. If you can talk to a person without shutting their brain off, or vice versa, then real communication can happen. Except, the communication guide is full of bias, and demands judgement by the user. Additionally, the glossary words have the same meanings as the words they seek to replace, but only lack the implicit meanings the older words might, but not certainly, have. It’s really trying to avoid insults, but doesn’t state it clearly enough, and is trying to reinvent the wheel.

    The issue is whether you call a person old, a person of age, or older than shit (well, that one is obviously insulting) you are still making a judgement as to the condition of the person’s age. Once a person decides a person is something, such as old, it limits in their mind what that other person can be.

    Here’s an example. Tom naps in the after noon. Is he lazy? That’s a judgement, because another person might call him carefree, which is another judgement even if it is positive. Either judgement might lead a person not to rely on Tom to get things done, thus everyone’s options are limited. Yet another person might know Tom works two jobs and will sleep any chance he gets. Other judgements, positive and negative, will naturally follow from that, but what really matter are the facts, and what the observer feels in regard to those facts.

    Why does one person judge Tom is lazy, maybe because they are envious of the perceived free time, or due to a perception of shirked duty. Now imagine that person, James, goes up to Tom and tells Tom he is lazy. Tom’s brain shuts down in insult and resentment, and nothing gets done. Next time, James tells Tom he saw Tom napping, and that seeing him nap makes James envious. See, no judgement on James’s part, and because James wasn’t an asshole, and was open with his feelings, Tom is more likely to open up about what is going on in his life, and a solution might be reached. No need for thought police, and Newspeak.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Put together by People of Stupidity.

    • RobertM

      AKA our future “leaders.”

  • Herp McDerp

    Note: North Americans often use “American” which usually, depending on the context, fails to recognize South America

    This one is particularly “problematic” (as they would say). There are no other countries in the continents of North America and South America that have “America” in their names! When they get around to thinking of themselves as “Americans,” then I might give a shit. Apparently the Social Justice Warriors believe that the People of Color to our south are too simple and childlike to know what’s good for them, so the SJWs need to step in and take control for their own good.

    And the smug assholes who call us Americans “United Statesians”? The nation on our southern border is the United States of Mexico! (More precisely, Estados Unidos Mexicanos.) Those racist bastards would deny the existence of 120 million people!

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Preferred: Avoiding UNH, their faculty and especially anyone who has graduated from this institution
    Problematic: SJW’s overtaking an institution