Jul 012015

Rick and Morty season two starts in about a month. Huzzah!

Note: best possible answer to a question about blast shields is given here…

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  • kbob42

    I Love that Show. It is a god example of the joy that Mad Science brings to the world.

    • I…have to ask this kbob42. Which one of you has the goatee?

      • kbob42

        Heh. We had a bit of posting difficulty.
        Wait, I mean “I” had a bit of posting difficulty.

  • kbob42

    That show is a good example of the joy that Mad Science would bring to the world.

  • Nick P.

    Never hear of this show before, the above trailer now compels me to go watch ALL THE THINGS.

    Guess it’s a good thing I have a long weekend this week.

    • Scottlowther

      > Never hear of this show before


      This is a travesty! You should have at least seen the Rick & Morty “couch gag” on the Simpsons, available here…

      Why does society tout sparkly vampires and magical strippers named Mike when we should instead be celebrating a show about an alcoholic mad scientist who beats the tar out of the Devil using science…

      • Adam

        I’ve always been enamored by the fact that said mad scientist has the capability to travel to worlds that are an unbelievably massive distance from Earth and to subject the audience (and Morty) to a universe that is teeming with intelligent life all while the general populace of earth lives in complete ignorance of such an expansive universe. It really helps to exemplify the fact that life on earth is just so hopelessly trivial in juxtaposition with the rest of the universe.

        Anyway, the show rocks. I’ve known that you’ve liked the show ever since you referenced Abradolf Lincler in an earlier post. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

      • Nick P.

        Started watching, up through episode eight. So far I like it.

        The problem with some of the ‘wacky’ cartoons these days like Archer and The Venture Bros is that even though it’s supposed to be part of the “Ha ha this is funny, laugh at them!” I find the characters are so fundamentally awful and reprehensible people that they’re almost unpleasant to watch.

        In Rick and Morty sure they’re all messed up and horrible in their own ways, but there’s enough moments where they actually manage to pull back and act reasonable that I can buy into “WaCkY AdVeNtUrE!” rather than hating them as horrible people.

  • Jon Risque

    Started watching the episodes online last night, at first I thought this was a Simpson’s spin off due to the style similarities. Pretty funny.