Jun 272015

An RCS Energia video describing a capsule that, it is claimed, will fly in 2021 atop the new Angara 5A rocket. Given that it’s in Russian, I don’t know what they’re going on about, but the video seems to be aimed at pointing out the advantages of stowable flat screens for the instruments.

Boy does it look familiar…

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  • Egor Petrov

    Sergei Krikalev, ex cosmonaut, now expert of TsNIIMash, said that the ship will never be developed without reforms in the industry. First flight was planned in this year. Then 2017 year, now 2021 year.

    • publiusr

      Egor, I would like to see you push Russia towards making something like this:
      This way, each hard fought Ruble not only helps spaceflight, but helps Russian shipward workers.
      The simple rugged design of large pressure-fed rockets would be perfect for Russia–cut off all money to Kazakhs, and give to Russian shipworkers instead.

      • Egor Petrov

        Maybe “big dumb booster” a good idea. But now we already have new Angara without reusability. And i think that no need many heavy lifters on market. So a lot of money and a lot of time spend – “use that you have, no new rockets”.
        But maybe Lin Indastrial can make “cheap dumb booster”. Now they doing “research and development” with small scale rockets.
        And more – it’ realy hard make bussines in Russia, even without financial problems. Anything can happen with Lin Indastrial.

        Sorry for my bad english.

  • Paul451

    Given that it’s in Russian, I don’t know what they’re going on about

    I tried “CC” then autotranslate. It sort of works… probably the amount of computer power borders on science fiction…

    But it does occasionally create more questions than it answers…

    “propyl hand
    board tested tea rally
    bridge girl control aircraft”

    …through to the downright poetic:

    “we toy with the mighty
    with the question of light”

    • Egor Petrov

      Watch all video, no useful information.
      1) We have sensor displays.
      2) We can move displays.
      3) We have better joystick.

      • publiusr

        No toggle switches? I do not want to see all flatscreen tech. The Orion capsule is going to have some older style electronics of a more resilient type.
        To me Dragon looks a lot like Soyuz without the spherical forward living compartment.

        • Egor Petrov

          Agree. I thing toggle switches more useful and safe. Especially during vibration and a log of “g”.
          When you told “Dragon”, you mean our PTK-NP spaceship? Or your spacex’s Dragon?
          About additional compartment http://s009.radikal.ru/i310/1011/26/05f0de4d2845.jpg

    • Herp McDerp

      My meager knowledge of spoken Russian has vanished with the snows of yesteryear, but I did recognize the word ergonomicheskiy

      I think it’s interesting and somehow reassuring that except for the audio and the mission patches, their guys and our guys seem almost interchangeable.