Jun 262015

A blog reader provided this scan. It comes from the archive of the Imperial War Museum, and was all alone in its folder… what you see is all there is. It appears to show a rocket powered “rammer,” with a massive armored nose for slamming into enemy bombers. The pilot is provided with an easy-bailout ramp, presumably to be used after aiming his plane at a target but before impact (I would *not* want to be in at thing when the actual ramming occurs). Presumably dates to WWII. The style of drawing looks like a patent drawing. My guess is that it was a patent submitted by Just Some Schmoe during the war, and is not a serious concept by a reputable design firm, but I don’t know for sure. If anyone has firm data, please advise.


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  • Paul451

    A knife-edge armoured nose could cut through bombers without slowing, allowing the pilot to remain on-board. Potentially allowing them to each cut through several enemy bombers before running out of fuel and the pilot having to bail out.

    I’ve often wondered why the Nazis, given their fanatacism, didn’t combine kamikaze pilots and at least V1s (if not V2s) to create over-the-horizon anti-ship cruise-missiles. Launched from subs you could take out an enemy’s capital ships with a single missile. Obliterate an enemy’s navy overnight, even those sitting safe in home ports behind anti-sub nets and sea-mines, even US ports.

    [It was apparently considered by the SS near the end of the war, but suicide wasn’t deemed SS-worthy.]

  • xvdougl

    I’ve long dreamed of flying in the Luftwaffe and I can’t wait to…..I’m sorry you want me to fly what!?

  • Michel Van

    The drawing look like from German Patent
    you have to know that RLM order a Ramjets/Rammer in 1944 at German Industry.

    DFS “Eber” (Wild Boar) resembles most this Design
    original idea towed by FW190 or Me262 to US Bomber fleet
    were Eber use it sold rocket and attack the US bombers
    later Project was Modified for Ramming the US bombers after Ammo runs out.
    but calculation gave that pilot would experienced lethally 100 gees
    so DFS devised a sliding seat for pilot to Baliout bevor Impact

    I guess that here is Earliest proposal and specified as Patent by DFS
    In end RLM take the Bachem Natter, irony R&D and Testing on Natter was made by
    DFS (Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug = German Institute for Glider Research)