Jun 112015

I have three “US Aerospace Projects’ publications in the works. Two are virtually finished, the third about halfway through. I’m finding that the going goes slower these days, for reasons that are unclear; early on I thought I might be able to put out an issue a week, but it has been since April since I last released an issue. I’d like to think that I’m doing a better, more thorough job, and that takes more time. But then I’d also like to think that riches are mere days away.

So, what would you like to see come out soon? Options include:

  1. US Bomber Projects
  2. US Transport Projects
  3. US Launch Vehicle Projects
  4. US Spacecraft Projects
  5. US Fighter Projects
  6. US VTOL Projects
  7. American Nuclear Explosive Devices #2


Perhaps equally importantly… anything you have *zero* interest in?

Also: I’ve got a burning desire to scribble fiction (as may have been obvious from my “After The End” post yesterday), but fiction doesn’t pay anything. So spending a lot of time on it for no money would be a bit silly; spending a lot of time on it for no money *and* no general interest would be fricken’ stupid. I’ve got a half-assembled history of the *first* nuclear war in the “Pax Orionis” series, the one that set the US off on the direction of building up a major Orion program. It’s taken me a while to figure out just *how* to structure this historical background; I think I’ve finally got it. It’ll be a chapter from the memoirs of one of the Orion crew. He’s going over the history of the Orion program in a conversational way… not as a historian, with charts and graphs, but as Just A Guy describing how he got to where he got.

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  • Jordan

    So, what ever happened to doing the APR PDF issues? I’d like to see more of those along with more aircraft and spacecraft blueprint sets. Out of those you listed above I’d go with the US Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Projects.

    And, of course, I’d love you to do Pax Orionis series. I see a lot of potential there. I understand it may not pay, but there are those of us that would send a few dollars your way for it. With Pax Orionis I’d like to see the technical details, drawings, and information included with it.

  • sferrin

    Fighters or Launch Vehicles. I too like the APR stuff, and hope that someday you decide to complete the set in e-format. 🙂

  • Duke

    Pax Orionis for sure, would like to see the American VTOL as well

  • My opinion only: Launch vehicles, bombers, and spacecraft are my top three, in that order.

    Fighters, VTOL, and transports are OK as a second tier.

    Not especially interested in the nukes.

    As for the updated APRs, I just by chance was looking at the Lockheed Star Clipper issue last night, and boy was that fantastic. I know they’re a lot of work for you but the result is exceptional.

  • Shibes_Meadow



    • Scottlowther

      You know… I want that too.

  • Chris Jones

    My top tier is launch vehicles and spacecraft, in no particular order (I personally wouldn’t mind a combo issue of those two, but I understand the logic of unbundling the APR class of articles). Like George, I’m not especially interested in the nukes.

  • Mike Robel

    Launch Vehicles and Spacecraft. Exoteric prototype aircraft.

  • Tay

    You had to pick Mr. Morden. The most uber-creepy character ever. 🙂
    My vote is for items 3 and 4.

    • Scottlowther

      Well, once you’ve been asked “what do you want,” you don’t forget it.

    • Rick

      took me a week to figure out why I knew who that guy was until I could place the actor.

      “waves to the head on the spike”

  • Phil

    I have at least some interest in all of them. 3 and 4 interest me the most.

  • SPLODIES! Fun with fission. Choices 7 and 4 are what I’m looking forward to most, though to be honest there isn’t anything on that list I wouldn’t buy.

  • Tango_Charlie

    Launch Vehicle, Transport, & Spacecraft.
    I’d also like to buy (if it is available) a digital copy of the cyanotype I bought so I don’t have to stitch together the scans for the shipbucket version of it.

  • Paul451

    Re: Pax Orionis

    not as a historian, with charts and graphs, but as Just A Guy describing how he got to where he got.

    But don’t forget, you can interleave chapters with extraneous technical material. News reports, emails, pages out of training manuals, torn photographs. Adds atmosphere/background and plays to your strengths as a technical artist. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

    • Scottlowther

      If there is someday a full version of Pax Orionis, I’m expecting it to be a mix of different “sources.” What *this* particular bit is is a description of the point of divergence from Our History to That History, as told not be a professional historian, but by someone who can be incomplete and perhaps a bit unreliable. Because he wasn’t there (it was before his time) and because he’s just adding some background to his *own* tale.

  • Blappy

    US Spacecraft Projects