May 302015

If you are looking to say, “Well, that is legitimately the oddest thing I’ve seen all day,” then I’ve got ya covered. Like “Iron Sky, ” “Kung Fury” is a crowdfunded film from Scandinavia; it’s half an hour filled with every single 1980’s trope (Lamborghini Countach! VHS quality video! David Hasselhoff! Bad cel animation! Terrible early CGI! Computer hacking via mashing randomly on the keyboard! 8-bit graphics!), along with instant classics like barbarian chicks with miniguns, laser-raptors, Tyranosaur slap-fights, Kung Fu Hitler, elderly Thor and more!

There’s no point in attempting to describe the plot.

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  • mrdakka

    Don’t forget the power glove

  • DJF

    This is what is wrong with today, we don’t have inspiring but historically and technologically accurate TV programs like Kung Fury anymore..

  • se jones

    Speaking of inspiring but historically and technologically accurate TV:

    Live action Jonny Quest film in the works.

    • Scottlowther

      Yeah… I think the world can get along without Yet Another Remake.

  • Jon Risque

    Did you watch the music video?

  • se jones

    And why is it we baby boomers must have our childhoods validated by Hollywood making a lavish, expensive live action version of every animated cartoon we watched?

    Spider bot, it’s gotta have the spider bot, love the spider bot.