May 292015

Raedthinn has done this for going on ten years, probably at least once a week. I’ve never known other cats to do this. This is the first time I was able to get the phone ready in time to catch it on video. Anyone else ever know a cat to do this?

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  • Jordan

    That’s definitely a first! Maybe he just wanted to get on YouTube.

  • Chris Jones

    Not soap, but I’ve had a cat who used to go for adhesive tape (of almost any kind, from Scotch to duct tape) licking the sticky side. Another goes for clear plastic, though that seems to me to be less about taste and more about texture.

  • Paul451

    Washing the taste of ass out of his mouth?

    [There’s a psychological disorder in humans that makes them eat soap. “Pica syndrome”. If not related to a mental illness, it supposedly can be triggered by a micro-nutrient deficiency.]

    • gormanao gormanao

      Our neutered tom would eat earplugs, onion bags and rubber bands before we let him go outside. All that feline pica stuff stopped almost overnight. He was a semi-feral kitten and being inside all the time just seemed to wig him out, and he has been much nicer since allowed to roam. There are bad critters out there and he probably eats his weight in songbirds every week, but if he goes that way cats are short lived and an invasive species to boot.

      • Paul451

        earplugs, onion bags and rubber bands

        Did you actually see him swallow them, or just hide them in his mouth? Coz that sounds suspiciously like a list of parts for a makeshift escape mechanism. One day you’ll be putting something away in the loft-space and find an abandoned half-finished glider.

        • gormanao gormanao

          Worse than that, found them in the litter box. He goes outside now and is a much nicer cat.

  • sferrin

    He’s a cat. A human probably touched him at some point, and given the way cats bathe, he probably needed to get that nasty “human” taste out of his mouth. 🙂

  • Jon Risque

    Maybe it’s like a salt lick.. but it could indicate a vitamin deficiency

  • Jeff Moon

    I have a cat that licks soap a least once a week!

  • xvdougl

    I think Scott’s holding back on the real story here.
    That’s right Raedthinn, this will teach you and your potty mouth how to behave in polite society! Perhaps now you will think twice before using such obscenities in front of the other cats.

    • Scottlowther

      Actually, no. I encourage my cats to use expletives. Nothing sadder than a repressed cat.