May 212015

Some people try really hard to be clever and/or cute. Trying hard is no guarantee of success. Sometimes it’s the fast road to things blowing up in your face. Like… here:

Welcome the real world, kid. Of course it could have been better; she could have come up with a “no.” or my personal favorite from back in the days when I tried: “Good God, no.”

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  • Paul451

    And still posted it.

    I usually mock those who play “the next generation after my generation is the worst generation”, but damn.

  • Rick

    too much emphasis these days on “clever” instead of “accurate” or even “original”. Lots of “clever” is “recycled but the recipient hasn’t heard it before”.

    Like that line from Fight Club about clever: “how’s that working out for you?” 🙁

    fortunately, for all the “clever” people there are plenty who care more about getting things right. 🙂

    • Scottlowther

      There’s something to be said for “simple and straightforward.” Something like “if the answer is ‘no,’ at least I won’t have blown a whole lot of unrecoverable time, effort and resources.”

  • Phil

    Well, it turned out okay in the end. But I’m a middle-aged man who really does not envy the young. For one reason, I had fewer opportunities to embarrass myself.