Apr 302015

It has been many years since I’ve seen a listing for a “Next Generation” episode and decided “yeah, I think I’ll watch that.” It just really doesn’t seem to hold up all that well; fan though I was back in the day, now it just bores me to sobs.

But with a little editing…


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  • se jones

    “Ship in a Bottle” with the accidental Professor Moriarty AI was the best episode IMO, quite thought provoking and the actor who played Moriarty was perfect.

    The “That Jean-Luc Picard” remix needs some shots of the New Shepard stack mixed in – if you know what mean. Or a Deanna Troi mash-up featuring “Deanna’s little friend”. Sorry.
    Congratulations on Blue Origin’s stunning success, but the outer mold line of the stack…I mean come on. Just sayin.


  • Randino

    Ummm…I thought they were supposed to have some sort of *powered* recovery? Anyway, other than the obvious OML faux pas, their design “mistake” could be a potential crowd pleaser if they adopted the Buck Rogers fins, lightning bolt paint job, sparks coming out of the tail-pipe, and a droning sound like a runaway electrical generator. As a high-tech Six Flags carnival ride, okay. But from an access-to-space perspective, between this and SpaceX’s VTOVL, there’s pretty much no contest. Still a creditable effort, since it was a new engine.

    • se jones

      >>supposed to have some sort of *powered* recovery
      It is, give em time.

      >>access-to-space perspective

      This thing should not be compared to SpaceX Falcon 9, the New Shepard is a sub-orbital thrill ride in league with VG’s Spaceship II.

      (Ignoring the one passenger Xcor Lynx), the only one of the circus rides that doesn’t scare the crap of me (even though I’d still go…duh) is the Airbus Spaceplane.
      Spaceplane gets no love and attention in the USA, Airbus needs a snazzier name for it.

      • publiusr

        That’s why I love the Energiya Buran concept. Buran for a payload bay, but with something like this (but with a good heatshield) as an all passenger spaceplane. No deadstick landings, great self-ferry.
        Get the hydrogen engines off the orbiter and under the ET, and all types of side mount payloads open up.