Apr 292015

Here’s a short CGI film that’s worth ten minutes of your time:

“Mad Max” but with airplanes, and with the world somehow run out of water rather than fuel. Pretty neat use of a Mohawk.

Every now and then I see some bit of fiction set in a world where the oceans have somehow dried up. And all I can think is “Too bad you schmucks didn’t have a space program, then you could ship water in from the rings of Saturn.”


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  • Adam

    How would water run out in the first place?

    • Scottlowther

      Drained out through the plot hole.

      • Jordan

        The CG is good, but how can they not also have a near unlimited supply of water if their fuel supply is unlimited? They can figure a way out to convert the fuel to water.

        I can see this being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

    • se jones

      The Tets took it.
      Oh, not the one Tech 49 blew up, but the other 8000 copies scattered throughout the outer solar system.

      They didn’t really need the water for “fuel”, that would make no sense, rather they were up to some titanic engineering project we couldn’t even fathom.
      That’s what von Neumann “Berserker” probes do.

      For a more in depth understanding of AI Sally’s motivation for voyeurism and game playing with the humans, read “Great Sky River” by Gregory Benford.

    • Rick

      they put government in charge of water supply?

  • allen

    the mohawk is cool, but somewhere a PBY catalina is missing it’s wing. and engines. I suppose with no water an amphibious aircraft wouldn’t be all that useful.