Apr 282015

What happens when you dangle a massive excavator over a 100-foot deep pit using a cable that’s just not quite up to scratch? Why… video awesomeness, of course!

 Posted by at 10:03 pm
  • Paul451

    Can we have the video from the guy we see at the very beginning holding his frickin’ phone properly?

  • Randino

    What’s the problem? It landed “butter-side UP” at least.

  • Jason

    Someone needs to set that scene to some music from Coyote and Road Runner. Reminds me of something Wile E. would do…

  • Jeff Moon

    What comes down,Oops must really comedown!

  • sferrin

    IMO this one still wins:


    To get an idea of the scales, at 0:08 a dude walks into the frame at left. The white pixel.

  • James

    At some point some one went,” you know this is probably a bad idea. Maybe we should wait and put two cables or a bigger cable.”

    His boss then said, “see sometimes you just have to do it Juan and then see what happens!”

    The man who questioned this was just fired.