Apr 282015

I’m currently working on a series of Shuttle Orbiter tile “maps” to massage them into a form where they’d look good as cyanotype blueprints. Two are shown below; what I have on hand are about a dozen, covering every surface of the Orbiter. The centerline diagram is sized for 40 inches wide by 160 inches long; this is *way* beyond reasonable size for cyanotyping. But at 18 inches wide, it’d be 72 inches long… just about what I can handle.


Another option might be to stitch the separate views together, rather than two wings and a centerline. Printed out B&W on paper, it’d be pretty durned impressive.


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  • jamezb

    Anecdote du jour – When I was privileged to witness the first shuttle launch, I did so with a couple folks who were employed by NASA as what they themselves referred to as “puzzle people” – the crews assigned to attach each tile in its proper place. They were nice geeks, who brought plenty beer to our vantage point behind a Captain D’s Fish House in Titusville Fl.

  • sferrin

    “Yo, intern. I need you to do a tolerance analysis of these tiles. Yes, all of them.”

    • Scottlowther

      “And then get a bucket of prop wash.”