Apr 282015

If you know why it’s funny, it’s funny.



fake laugh

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  • That fine junction between hilarious, sad and scary.

  • xvdougl

    It’s it because all salt is pretty much sea salt?

    • Scottlowther

      Nope, try again…

  • John B

    In chemistry salt (NaCl) is an inorganic compound. Organic chemistry deals only with compounds containing carbon.

    • Scottlowther


    • se jones

      Actually you’re both wrong.

      By convention, organic chemistry deals with compounds containing carbon and at least one hydrogen atom. One the other hand, the study of diamond, graphite or calcium carbonate (for instance) would not be covered by courses in organic chemistry.

      In this case of “organic” salt, that’s a legal marketing definition by way of Organic Food Production Acts in most developed (first-world, rich, whatever) countries.

      In this case, “organic” salt probably means it has no added iodine (I presume) and is made by desiccating pristine salt water from Europa using certified unicorn farts, or some equally stoopid sh*^.

  • Go ahead, laugh. But what happens when you mix this with dihydrogen monoxide, huh? Wake up sheeple!

    • Scottlowther

      > what happens when you mix this with dihydrogen monoxide, huh?

      You get an electrolyte. It’s what plants crave!

      • iconoclast33

        Hey! That’s pretty good. You sure you ain’t the smartest guy in the world?

  • Dave_in_MA

    Gluten free!