Apr 272015

So, the cops in the glittering example of Democrat-controlled Baltimore apparently caused a dudes death by rattling him around in the back of a van without restraints, snapping his neck. This, understandably, annoyed the hell out of the locals. Understandably, they protested. Understandably… the protests have turned into the stock-standard rioting, looting, trashing of police cars… and now, setting old folks homes and churches on fire.

Way to maintain the moral high ground, guys.

Large Fire Raging in East Baltimore Senior Center

According to CNN, the large building fully on fire in east Baltimore was the site of a newly constructed senior home sponsored by a church.


Baltimore Rioters Set Fires, Cut Hoses


CVS got employees out of Baltimore store just before looting and fire

Yup. One more place to avoid.


Whenever there’s trouble, it’s important to look for the root cause.


Gotta go back to 1967 to find a mayor who wasn’t a Dem.

And then there’s this:


Fifteen people. Guess how many Republicans or Libertarians on the current city council. Go on, guess.

So, we’re stuck with the chicken-and-egg quandary. Does overwhelming Democrat control cause a metropolitan area to decay into a blighted hellscape, or does the cultural corruption that results in a blighted hellscape also result in Democrats?

It seems that “everyone in city government is a Democrat” is a warning sign like someone shouting “Allahu Ackbar.” You can’t draw a causal relationship between the signal and the trouble, but you can pretty well assume that if you detect the signal, trouble is surely in the wings.

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  • jordan

    W can you expect from a city from a state on the Eastern seaboard that is democratically controlled? Chances are the the city council members live in the nice areas that have a significant conservative and republican population.

    Doesn’t surprise me that there are no libertarians on the city council. They are a rare breed back east, and even here in the west.

    It shouldn’t surprise you since your from Illinois and you can see the difference between Chicago (democrat) and the rest of the state (republican).

    Now if we can get more of the conservatives, moderates, and independents to vote. The republicans need a candidate in 2016 who will start taking back the blue states and getting the moderates and independents voting.

    I’d say the libertarians should field a strong candidate in 2016 but…

    • Adam

      You can say that again. The entire Chicago metropolitan area outnumbers the rest of Illinois by a fair margin so that is the reason we’re a blue state.

    • Chris Jones

      Y’know, when you’re replying to a post that’s calling out morons, it’s a good idea not to make moronic comments.

      • jordan

        My apologies to any of the libertarians who I may have offended. I am sure at some point this country will come to its senses and elect a libertarian candidate and support said candidate. Then happily all our problems will be solved.

        • sferrin

          God I hope not. Most of them are lunatics.

          • se jones

            The hell you say.

            It’s interesting how the modern “progressive” Democrat party has moved so far into the statist / socialist camp, that libertarians are roundly despised.

          • Paul451

            If you look at the median result of most issue-polls (tax, healthcare, social security, minimum wage, worker-vs-business rights, even gay rights, drug reform, etc) and define that as the political “centre”, then the Democrats are well to the right-of-centre of US politics. Just not as far right as the Republicans.

          • se jones

            Citation needed.

        • Scottlowther

          > Then happily all our problems will be solved.

          I know you’re being facetious, but consider the possibilities. Not so much the possibilities of what a Libertarian President could do, which is frankly very little; but the possibilities of a United States that has shifted so far away from insanity that a Libertarian could actually win the Presidency.

    • allen

      “They are a rare breed back east”

      ahem. free state project. in NH. definitely “back east” but a bit north of these troubles..

      • Herp McDerp

        Alas, from what I hear the Free Staters are being swamped by migrating Massholes. They could have picked Idaho instead, but noooooo …

        • allen

          actually, it’s not migrating massholes but idiots in the judiciary that have determined that “domicile” can mean “where you happen to be standing on voting day”. so all the out of state college kids vote here AND in their home states and no one does anything about it. the democrats actually bus them to the towns where it will matter most and use some local address as their “residence”.

          last year they have documented cases of students at UNH from CANADA voting in NH elections.

          somehow, the progressives in charge are unconcerned. I wonder why that is?

    • se jones

      >>democratically controlled

      No it’s “Democrat controlled”. By the Democrat party.
      A semantic issue and a pet peeve of mine.

      • Chris Jones

        Be peeved all you want, the the official name is the Democratic Party. The “demonym” Democrat is used for a member and/or candidate of the party, just as you don’t usually call the resident of a place by the name of the place.

        • Scottlowther

          So what you’re saying:
          “Democrat controlled” means it’s controlled by people who are Democrats. But you want it called “Democratic controlled,” meaning that it’s controlled not by those people, but by the party as a whole. Thus it is your position that the failures and corruption and illegality of Baltimore are to be laid at the feet not of those people who are right there and in control, but the Democratic Party as a whole.

          Sounds fair.

          • Chris Jones

            No, I’m not saying that, nor did I disagree with your characterization of Baltimore being Democrat controlled (though it’s more correct to say that the government of Baltimore is so controlled). I was disagreeing with saying (not by you, but the poster to whom I replied) that the name of the political party is the Democrat Party; that is simply incorrect.

            I wish you wouldn’t put words in my mouth, and derive my supposed position from your imagination. THAT sounds fair.

  • se jones

    The guys in the stolen car spinning donuts through the flaming debris was a nice touch, gave it
    an authentic “Mad Max” ambiance.


  • Jandanagger Laterobinson

    Rabid, bizarre comment chain not withstanding, why you slant this tragedy with a political aspect is beyond me. Saying Baltimore is “Democrat [sic] control” and implying a causality between that and the rioting is disingenuous and quite frankly… reaching. All large cities tend to support Democratic administrations because Republicans tend to fail in running any city that happens not to be a wealthy suburb

    • Scottlowther

      > why you slant this tragedy with a political aspect is beyond me.

      Ask every politician ever. Can you think of a tragedy that *hasn’t* been given a political aspect? Like when Clinton blamed the LA riots on Reagan/Bush?

      > “Democrat [sic] control”

      What spelling is incorrect there?

      > Republicans tend to fail in running any city that happens not to be a wealthy suburb

      Yes, Dems have done a bang-up job in Baltimore and Detroit.

    • Jim R.

      A whine about political slants… and then the idiot slants back. Try harder moron.

      • Scottlowther

        I always get a kick out of these people. Remember the Arizona shooting? *Promptly* they started blaming Sarah Palin. Remember the Boston Bombing? *Promptly* they started blaming Tea Partiers or other tax protestors. Then when the script gets flipped on ’em, they start moaning about “how dare you politicize this.”

        Bah. You lie down with the Democrats, you wake up with fleas.

    • gormanao

      It really doesn’t matter if a city is run by them damn dirty democrats or the bible thumping know-nothings of the party of Lincoln. Cops in this country are just plain out of control and need to be put on a very, very short leash.

      • Scottlowther

        Agreed. I think it would be an interesting experiment to take places like Baltimore and Ferguson and simply… not have police in them. Have neighborhood-by-neighborhood polling of the residents, and wherever the residents have a 50% or greater disapproval rating for the cops… no cops.

        • gormanao

          There are indeed times when a “Committee of Vigilance” has done a better job than a bunch of overpaid over privileged so called “civil servants”. Granted, I live in a city where the popo are ineffective and not liked trusted or respected even by employed home owning family men. They are all a bunch of lying crooks. Fire them all and start from scratch! I’d like to think that somewhere there is an honest cop, but at this point I don’t think there is. Just like Diogenes looking for an honest man. Whenever I travel through Reno, Nevada- a city that runs on rigged gambling, prostitution and public drunkenness I am harassed by a cop trying to badger me into agreeing to a an illegal search. And the city of Reno wants me to go there and spend money? To these beady brained little poops the ends justifies the means. They don’t work for me!

          • se jones

            Oh let me guess, you drive a beat up old Volvo with two dozen, doper left wing bumper stickers that pretty much scream “pull me over, I’m asking for it pig”.

          • gormanao

            Guess again… Stereotypes must make it easier for you to navigate in the big scary world out there

          • Scottlowther

            Stereotypes make it easier for *everybody* to navigate the world. They exist for a reason: they’re useful.

          • allen

            hey! go easy on the “beat up old volvos”. since our local politicritters like to use the term “assault weapon”, i like to call mine an “armored personnel carrier”. you should see the reaction from the SWAT team when I tell my niece’s school I will be picking her up in a green armored personnel carrier with NH plates. they have NO sense of humor at all.

            BTW, no bumper stickers. “grey man tactics” means you don’t put anything on your car that will make it more easily identifiable, and dark volvo 850’s are pretty common up here.

    • Brianna

      Odd. The cities in Texas never seem to suffer from these problems. And none of them are poster children for massive living expenses or inequality, either.
      Then again, even their democrats are practically republicans.

  • Jim R.

    Call in the National Guard. Set up a curfew. Shoot anymore looting, causing mayhem and/or breaking the curfew.
    They act like savages, treat them like savages.

    • Scottlowther

      As emotionally satisfying as I know the “shoot the looters” notion is… summary executions by the National Guard is a *really* bad idea.

      A pity that a sci-fi solution isn’t available… maintain a transporter lock on local businesses. Anyone breaking in gets beamed to a holding cell, and then deported.

  • Bill H

    Solution: Coventry. Pick an unused island. Dump them there. One naval vessel is on patrol chumming the waters. Do-gooders can pay for the occasional supply box to be parachuted in. Even better if it is full of religious tracts.

    Let them build their new, better civilization there. Or not, who cares. At some point criminal behavior exceeds any obligation the body politic has to take care of one in a prison cell. So empty the prisons of all lifers.

    Hawksbill Station was a similar idea. (Exiles on a one-way trip to the preCambrian, no “butterfly effect” that far back.)