Apr 172015

Finally done modelling this thing. Took long enough!

2015-04-17d 2015-04-17c 2015-04-17b 2015-04-17a

The multiview layout drawing generated from the model would take a good deal of effort to clean up proper, but it’s needed for the “Nuclear Pulse Propulsion” book. Now that the model is very nearly complete (I need to convert each part, individually, into a separate STL file… bleah), I can devote more time to other stuff, including potentially getting back to work on NPP. But before I let the Messiah go entirely… anyone interested in large format blueprints based on the layout drawings?2015-04-17h

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  • mzungu

    Not remembering much from the movie, or really expect this model to make sense….but

    Is that elliptical heatshield in the back some kind of reentry thing to go back to earth, or just a base heat shield?

    • Tango_Charlie

      It’s the pusher-plate for the Orion Drive.

  • markus baur

    did they ever come up with a reason why the SRB’s are mounted in such a way that firing them would incinerate the entire lower half of the ship .. ?



    • Scottlowther

      They aren’t actually SRBs. Careful examination indicates that the “SRBs” have the same regen-cooled liquid rocket nozzles that the “Energia boosters” have.

      But that doesn’t help answer your question…

      • Chris Jones

        The Energia boosters were powered by a 4 chambered RD-170 engine. The boosters on the lower part sure look like the Energia boosters, complete with parachute compartments (never used on the 2 flights of the Energia), but as near as I can tell, it’s a single chambered design (hey, it’s fiction, you can assume anything you want). Was this intended to be a multi-stage design? It looks like it (though throwing away a nuclear pulse propulsion stage seems odd), so it could be that the upper boosters wouldn’t fire until the lower half of the ship had been discarded. Or it could just be a ship designed for looks and not practicality… (In case it isn’t obvious, I am not familiar with this ship, and its story.)

        • Scottlowther

          The Messiah has what *looks* like Energia and Ariane V boosters. But in both cases, the scales are simply far out of line with the “shuttle” up front, and with each other. It’s all “well, that looks cool” rather than “how does the engineering work.”