Mar 312015

Some weeks back, the American news media found a new obsession: frat boys singing a racist song on a bus. Those few seconds of video of kids acting like dumbasses were broadcast an uncountable number of times, jabbered about by talking heads nonstop, and splashed all over newspapers and the internet. As a result, college careers were disrupted, some ended, and undoubtedly careers were ruined before they began.

Another story has very recently hit the news: a short video showing a guy riding a subway train is approached, asked about a political issue and when he refuses to express an opinion is beaten by several people while the rest of the passengers on the subway stand back and laugh. Obviously since I’m linking to a news item on it, it’s getting *some* press. But here we have a story that’s more than “singing on a bus with racial overtones,” we have “physical violence on a train with racial overtones.”

St. Louis man assaulted on public transportation after declining to discuss Michael Brown

A secondary thought: what we have here is violence perpetrated upon a person ostensibly because he refused to give a political opinion. This would therefore seem to be violence against certain political views. Is that not terrorism? Well, two of the perpetrators have been arrested, which is good… but what do you think the chances are that terrorism charges, or federal hate crimes charges, will be applied here?

But my main prediction: the stories that have already been published about this incident will prove to be pretty much *all* that is published about this incident. Unlike the “racist song on a bus,” this case that featured actual crimes, actual violence and an actual victim, as well as being one incident in what is an actual real problem in society, this story won’t be splashed all over everywhere.

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  • sferrin

    It ain’t racism if it’s done to whitey.

    • Rick

      or Asians, or most citizens- “eastern” Indians get harassed all the time by “blacks” and “hispanics” and targeted for assault and robbery a lot in the “tolerant” Bay Area of California. But it does seem that for the sake of “black outrage”, everyone else is “white”.

      It’s funny watching the Perpetually Outraged Politically Correct crowd try to choose sides in a “black” vs “undocumented immigrant” situation. Basically they just ignore them and don’t even try

      • Herp McDerp

        No, the Social Justice Warriors will mutter something vague about “intersectionality” and then call you a racist.

        • publiusr

          All very sad.

  • DJF

    I think the video shows that the attack was planned in advance, the camera starts long before anything really happens with little reason to start recording and then the camera moves forward to get a good view just before the first punch is thrown. I am guessing that the person with the camera knew the attackers and knew that the attack was going to happen.

    But the politicians and media will ignore all that and its just a “dog bites man story” which does not support their agenda

  • Rick

    race, politics, even religion, are merely excuses that dirtballs use to inflict the violence they wanted to do in the first place.

    If somehow Islam disappeared overnight, you’d still get the same terrorism, if everyone suddenly had the same skin color, the uneducated dependent class would find something else to excuse their behavior. If the concept of gods and souls disappeared, violence would change into political or environmental excuses. Like “atheists” who attack ladies with fur coats or who blame “the rich” (anyone with a job) or who burn houses and cars or worse to “save the planet”.

    Dirtballs simply gravitate towards the best justification they can find. It’s their leadership that hones the tools or philosophy or excuses that people like to believe is the root cause.