Mar 302015

The idea of antibiotic-resistant bacteria fills me with an uncomfortableness. A cut or an unfortunate fluid-swap that could leave you with a virulent bug that medical science can’t effectively is bad enough. But now our single-celled little buddies might be getting enthusiastic and ambitious…

Humans at risk for airborne ‘super bugs’

In a study slated for publication next month, he and Texas Tech University colleague Greg Mayer may have made their biggest discovery yet: DNA from antibiotic-resistant bacteria in cattle feedlots is airborne.


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  • mzungu

    Antibiotic don’t kill all bacterias, there are plenty of existing bacteria that our antibiotic cannot kill, I don’t know what’s one or few more would add to the paranoia.

    • James

      We are making them stronger.

      1 bug to find them.
      1 bug to bind them.
      And in the darkness rule (murder?) them all.

  • Rick

    that’s okay, I saw an ad that showed “One Weird Trick that stops Superbugs!” today LOL