Mar 272015

A major purpose of the APR Patreon is to fund efforts to procure and preserve some of the interesting aerospace ephemera that pops up on ebay. I have scored some stuff, but other items have slipped through my fingers. Such as this auction:

NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiter Original Engineered Plans, Pictures and Artifacts

shuttle1shuttle2 shuttle3 shuttle4 shuttle5

See, now, this is pretty much *exactly* the sort of thing I’d like to go after. There was just one small problem with this auction. A minor trifle, rally, hardly worth mentioning…

Starting bid:
US $25,000.00
So…  where can I find 25,000+ people willing to pitching in at least a buck a month?
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  • publiusr

    I would have bought them for you, had I the money.
    One seems to show a shuttle orbiter with self ferry jets

  • allen

    I wonder if contacting the seller, offering to purchase copies, would work. if they already had a buyer, a little time on the sellers part can put more money in their pockets.

    • Scottlowther

      I have done just that. Hoping to hear back something encouraging…