Mar 062015

Next week, March 11, ATK will do a static test fire of the QM-1 rocket motor. This is a five-segment derivative of the 4-segment Shuttle RSRM solid rocket booster. This past evening (March 5) ATK held an open house for the local community to come and take a close up look at the motor, and to get information about environmental concerns about the test (there are none, but there was someone who went bonkers a few years back…). I attended and took a number of photos of the motor and other stuff. This was one of those cases where it would have been better to get *more distance* from the subject; but you make do with what ya got.

I’ve made a bunch of these available at full resolution to APR Patreon patrons.

Dsc_0243 Dsc_0306 Dsc_0234 Dsc_0280

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  • Adam

    What do you think of ATK now that they’ve merged their Aerospace & Defense groups with Orbital Sciences?

    • Scottlowther

      I think they’re still on the other side of the hill. Beyond that, don’t see that it matters much.

  • sferrin

    Any idea when? All those times I passed up before I’m going to drive up.

    (Never mind. Too early. Damn.)

    • Scottlowther

      9:30 in the AM. Which is unusual… typically these things occur at 1PM on a Thursday. The ATK’ers at the open house suggested that it was due to a satellite passing overhead to get a look at the test. Probably a missile launch detection satellite calibration.

  • Rick

    isn’t the QM-1 a variant of the Martian Explosive Space Demodulator? 🙂