Feb 262015

What’s dumber than a western political leader calling for government funded homeopathy and astrology? How about a pack of Surt worshippers trashing their own cultural heritage? Gentlemen… behold:

And on top of trashing a museum full of artifacts, the Islamic State representatives did this:

Isis burns thousands of books and rare manuscripts from Mosul’s libraries

Remember, kids: you’re a racist if you think some cultures suck.

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  • Adam

    I wonder what Israel’s response would be if ISIS invades Israel?

    • Scottlowther

      You’ll note that for all of the Islamic State’s self professed badassery, they *haven’t* invaded Israel.

      Note also the important difference between “ISIS” and “ISIL.” In the first case, it’s “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” in the second case it’s “Islamic State of Iraq and and the Levant.” “ISIS” may be accurate; ISIS’s territory includes chunks of Iraq and Syria. but the Levant includes all of Jordan, all of Lebanon..and all of Israel. The Islamic State has none of Lebanon or Jordan, and sure as hell ain’t got none of Israel. So “ISIL” is just plain silly and wrong, and anyone who uses it should be publicly mocked. ISIS has also been dropped by ISIS; they prefer to go by Islamic State. And while other Islamic countries refuse to call them that, if recent years have taught us anything, it’s that we should respect what people want to call themselves. If a big burly, hairy guy wants to be called “xe” and “Loretta,” that’s what we call xer. If a bunch of whackjobs want to be called Islamic State…. there ya go.

      • Brianna

        “So “ISIL” is just plain silly and wrong, and anyone who uses it should be publicly mocked.”

        I’d agree with you Scott, except that I’m not sure most of the people who use ISIL actually know what the Levant consists of. They’re just using it because they heard someone else use it. I mean, I didn’t know myself what the Levant was until just now, and I’m considered pretty well-read on the ME.

        • Scottlowther

          > I’m not sure most of the people who use ISIL actually know what the Levant consists of

          Most of the people I’ve heard use “ISIL” are the President of the United States and his mouthpieces. I’d’a hoped that *they* would know what the Levant is.

          • Brianna

            OK. Them you can blame. But it’s a little harsh to blame someone on the street who’s using a term because he heard the POTUS use it. I mean, you’d assume you can trust the POTUS to know what he’s…. well OK, yeah, you can blame them too. After all, no one should be so stupid anymore as to assume POTUS knows what he’s talking about in the ME.

          • Scottlowther

            Oddly, I can’t think of ever hearing anyone but Administration-types using “ISIL.” Try as they might, they just can’t seem to make “ISIL” happen. I’d like to think it was because everybody knows that ISIL is dumb and inaccurate compared to the more accurate ISIS, but I think it’s really because ISIS just *sounds* easier than ISIL.

          • James

            Yea everyone else just calls them ISIS.

      • Tango_Charlie

        Daesh is what I refer to them as, It has the advantage of being a closer translation to the Arabic, and broadly speaking, an insult.

        • Scottlowther

          And for the same reason, I should use “Islamic State.”

  • becida

    The barbarians are at the gates….

  • Bruce

    Trashed and gone forever….no way would they be able to fix that stuff….maybe. I’m
    surprised no one stopped them from doing that.

  • William Benjamin Abbott IV

    Actually, someone is a racist if they think ‘race’ implies culture… The Islamic State knuckleheads have an idiotic *culture*. They don’t seem excited about skin color. Many religious extremists will take fellow believers of varying skin color. Not all, but tying the appearance issues we call ‘race’ to ethnicity and religion is distinct from aggressive prosthlyizers like IS*, the Communist Party, the Catholic church, some other Christian sects.